-Ra / -Ra Stem Adjectives

Summary of First and Second Declension -ro/-ra Stem Adjectives

Summary of Declension

Adjectives with the stem ro- are of two classes: (i) those preceded by e [viz. ero-] and (ii) those preceded by a consonant [viz. gro-, bro-, fro-, etc.]

All members of both classes are first/second declension adjectives

Adjectives in Class (i) [ e-class ]

  • asper, aspera, asperum : rude, crude, violent
  • dexter, dextera, dexterum: right, favorable
  • gibber, gibbera, gibberum : humpbacked
  • lacer, lacera, lacerum : torn
  • līber, lībera, līberum : free
  • miser, misera, miserum : wretched
  • tener, tenera, tenerum : soft, young, effeminate
  • saetiger, saetigera, saetigerum : bristly (thorn-bearing)
  • (like saetiger, all compounds of -fer and -ger, from ferō and gerō [i.o.] are members of this class)

Adjectives in Class (ii) [ consonant-class ]

  • aeger, aegra, aegrum : sick, sad
  • āter, ātra, ātrum : dark
  • crēber, crēbra, crēbrum : thick, frequent
  • faber, fabra, fabrum : skillful
  • glaber, glabra, glabrum : smooth, hairless
  • integer, integra, integrum : complete, untouched
  • lūdicer, lūdicra, lūdicrum : sportive
  • macer, macra, macrum : lean, thin
  • niger, nigra, nigrum : black
  • noster, nostra, nostrum : our
  • piger, pigra, pigrum : slow, dull, lazy
  • pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum : beautiful, excellent
  • ruber, rubra, rubrum : red
  • sacer, sacra, sacrum : holy
  • sinister, sinistra, sinistrum : left, unfavorable
  • taeter, taetra, taetrum : offensive, shocking
  • vafer, vafra, vafrum : sly, crafty
  • vester, vestra, vestrum : your (pl.)

Exceptional Variants

  • satur, satura, saturum : full, sated

The Essential AG : 111, 112

Famous Phrase : aegri somnia (a sick man’s dreams = trouble sleep)

[Horace, Ars Poetica 7—but presently popular with hipster and counterculture groups]





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