Verbs of Forgetting

These operate in congress with verbs of remembering and recalling.

  • With the accusative, they denote a physical loss of possession of some memory—a falling away of some piece of memory from the mind.
  • With the genitive, they deny a mindful or attentive state, with respect to some topic or object of memory.
  • I forgot the cat at home: felem domī oblītus sum.
  • I neglect the cat’s basic needs: rērum felis oblīviscor.
  • Let them forget the Greeks: Graiōs oblīviscantur.
  • Don’t let her be careless of the Greek statues: cavē nē Graia statua oblīviscātur. (They’re fragile!)

As with verbs of remembering:

  • Personal pronouns (meī, tuī, suī, nostrī) are generally in the genitive.
  • Neuter pronouns (illum, istum, hōc) are generally in the accusative.

Verbs of Forgetting:

  • oblīviscor, oblīviscī, oblītus sum, forget
  • dēdiscō, dēdiscere, dēdidicī, forget, unlearn, Jamaican word for 70s dance

The Essential AG: 350a-b

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