Adjective as Adverbs

Certain adjectives, although modifying the noun within a sentence, in effect modify the verb as well.

  • He was the first to arrive: prīmus vēnit.
  • I in no way doubt: nūlla dubitō.
  • They were glad to hear: laetae audiērunt.
  • He was often at Rome: Rōmae frequēns erat.
  • She arrived late: sēra vēnit.

The Essential AG: 290


2 comments on “Adjective as Adverbs

  1. danlei says:

    Quod ad praescriptionem articuli pertinet, acta cum exemplis tuis et descripta esse demonstretur, equidem primum, tertium quintumque non adiectiva subiectorum, sed praedicativa exponere puto.

    • danlei says:

      Scilicet, non “adiectiva subiectorum”, sed “adverbia” scripsissem. Si vis, Ryan, emenda responsionem meam primam.

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