Dē Homine

I’m Ryan Mease, a graduate of UChicago currently keeping my head above water in Silicon Valley. I’ve started this blog to keep my Latin skills sharp, and I have the daring vision of one day completing a parallel blog for Smyth’s Greek Grammar.

This photo was taken at a 24-hour one-run recitation of Homer’s Iliad (in English). That’s a graham cracker Trojan Horse. There are no Greeks inside–just nutella.


9 comments on “Dē Homine

  1. creatioblog says:

    The term “The Classics & Philosophy” is highly intriguing & alluring to me. I have been grown in the vicinity of some Sanskrit & Vedic Scriptures being part of the Indian culture. Latin too has been a very attractive entity staying far away. May be with time , I learn it & this blog has re-ignited & will foster the fire. I have named my blog in Latin, though just with the help of Google Translate! I request you to check it if possible. I guess, my blog name has become a non-authentic word cocktail of some kind. May be, you can help. Would like to have your contacts (e-mail). Thanks.
    Good Wishes.

  2. Kathemenos says:

    “That’s a graham cracker Trojan Horse. There are no Greeks inside–just nutella.”

    Timeo Danaos et nutellam ferentes.

  3. cretpheous says:

    Glad to come across a fellow Classicist! Looking forward to reading through your blog.
    sī valēs, bene est

  4. fuco1 says:

    This blog is amazing! So much interesting info I’d have to dig deep into textbooks to get to. Thank you so much, and keep it up please!

  5. Silvae says:

    Thanks very much for the blog, hay algo ancestral que me retrotrae a los orígenes de mi interés,
    gracias por la inspiración.

  6. Rob Natelson says:

    nescio an forma “blogo” apta sit. Secundum Vicipaedia (scio, fons non optimus) “blog” est indeclinabile. Expressio “commentarii interretiales: suggeritur.

  7. Rob Natelson says:

    corrigo: Expressio “commentarii interretiales” suadetur.

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