Grātiās Actās

I would like to thank, foremost, every editor of Allen and Greenough’s New Latin Grammar. Of course, this includes Joseph Henry Allen and James Bradstreet Greenough, whose full names are sung so rarely.

More on James B. Greenough


More on Joseph H. Allen

In addition, let me thank every editor who has worked with their grammar as it carried through new editions: A. A. Howard, George L. Kittredge, and Benjamin L. D’Ooge, and (most recently) Anne Mahoney.

My work here is personal, not competitive. I have no wish to contest a classic. I encourage everyone to purchase the latest edition (and not one of the dreadful reprints).

Further, let me thank Professor Helma Dik, whose Nifty Greek handouts partly inspired this project, and the faculty at the Department of Classics, University of Chicago, for their outstanding role in my growth and education.


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