Uses of Ergā

Summary of Ergā

Summary of Use

Ergā is a preposition; it takes the accusative case and may be translated toward or for.

Along with in is forms an accusative of inclination; in this use, both prepositions have the same meaning.

The sense of ergā is always conceptual; ‘toward’ describes ‘regard for’ or ‘with respect to,’ and not physical movement

  • The accusatives are inclination often occur where dative would seem appropriate


  • There is charity, divine toward men: illic bonitās dīvina ergā hominēs est.
  • He held hatred for each of us: odium nostrum ergā quemque habēbat. 

Comparison with In

  • May you be kind to your wife: comīs in uxōrem sīs.
  • I am grateful toward you: in tē grātus sum.

The Essential AG: 385b

Famous Phrase: ergā omnēs : (toward all)

[legal term, describing universal rights or obligations]