Resources for Latin Quotes

I attach a Latin phrase or quote to the end of every post I make, one which is (usually) a direct example of the grammar discussed in the post. I’d like to share my two usual online sources for these quotes.

(I use the quotes within A&G within the post itself.

First, there’s this basic looking wikipedia page, which is useful because I can use control+F to search the entire collection for the particular word or feature I’m seeking.

The wikipedia page is a small collection, so for more obscure posts I’m generally forced to look elsewhere. A much larger collection is available at the European Dictionary. Here’s what a search for longior (they had one!) produces:

The trouble with both of these (and, it seems all) databases of Latin quotes is imprecise quotation. The quotes are often (i) prepared with a pretty sad translation and (ii) not properly sourced. For instance, here, there’s no further information about what work of Pubilius Syrus is quoted, which I consider a bare minimum before I’d be willing to throw this thing on my post.

These resources force me to further research the quote online, often within the Latin Library.

I wish I had an online source of Latin quotes not designed for the title page of high school English papers.