Wow, this one is brilliant. I was looking for flaws, chips, inconsistencies, but she beat me at every turn.

This is (roughly) a retooled, more-accessible version of William Whitaker. I was going to point out that some of the basic entries didn’t include specific meanings, but then I noticed that if you click individual words a drop reveals even more variants. Very impressive. Even if the basic entry doesn’t help, the site permits ‘notes’ to flesh out unique uses and technical idioms.

I plan to try a reading with this as an alternative to Perseus next quarter. I’ll offer a follow-up post at that time.

What it lacks : cases. Still, it makes the gender and basic entries immediately accessible, giving it a strong advantage over other Latin reading tools. If I have one other criticism, it’s that the site is too humble looking. Put a big, bold summary up top so visitors can see quickly how useful this is.