More Adjectives as Adverbs

There are two additional means to gather adverbial force from an active adjective within a sentence: (a) with a neuter accusative and (b) with a ablative neuter or feminine singular.

The neuter accusative of nouns.

  • He thinks a great deal of you: tibi multum probat.
  • She will accomplish it easily: id facile perficēbit. (note, facile, with id, not facilē)
  • What are you doing: quem facis?
  • Why are you doing that: quid istud facis?

The ablative neuter or plural.

  • This option generally has some noun implied.
  • She spoke falsely: ea falsō (verbō) locūta est.
  • Let us continue straight: rectā (viā) permaneāmus.
  • Rain fails frequently: imber crebrō (tempore) cadit.
  • She is commonly known as the Witch: Malefica volgā (famā) nōtā est.

The Essential AG: 214d-e