Oh, So It’s Like That, Is It?

The phrases euismodī, huiusmodī and cuiusmodī are indeclinable adjective equivalent to tālis and quālis.

  • They are men of this sort. hominēs huiusmodī sunt.
  • He is a man of this sort too. homō quōque huiusmodī est.
  • This is the kind of thing which is difficult to understand: hōc rēs euismodī est, quem difficilē comprendēre est.
  • What’s she like: cuiusmodī est?
  • What kind of things just she like to do: cuiusmodī rēbus fruitur?

Note that although these adjectives have a genitive form, they need not be placed with genitive nouns.

The Essential AG: 146b, 345a