Some Inter-esting Distinctions

In my last post, I introduced intra, to which I will now compare and contrast intra, a considerably more common and complex preposition, individuated from intra through the following uses.

1. The et double-accusative.

  • inter mōns et durum: between a rock and a hard place
  • inter tē et mē: between you and me

2. The inter sē construction.

  • inter sē loquuntur: they talk amongst themselves
  • inter se confērunt: they compare amongst themselves

3. The ‘amid’ construction.

  • inter hostium tēla: amid the weapons of the enemies
  • inter imbrim: during the rainfall
  • prīmus inter parēs: the first among equals

4. The temporal ‘while’ construction (with a gerund)

  • inter bibendum: while drinking
  • inter agendum: while carrying forward

The Essential AG: 221.15


More Latin Numeral Adjectives

Mutliplicative Adjectives

  • simplex, simplicis, single
  • duplex, duplicis, double
  • triplex, triplicis, triple
  • quadruplex, -plicis, quadruple
  • quīnquiplex, -plicis, quintuple
  • sesiplex, -plicis, sextuple
  • septemplex, -plicis, septuple
  • octoplex, -plicis, octuple
  • nonaplex, -plicis, nontuple(?)
  • decemplex, -plicis, decemtuple(?)
  • centuplex, -plicis, centuple(?)
  • sēsquiplex, -plicis, 1 and 1/2 … ple (?)
  • multiplex, -plicis, manifold

Proportional Adjectives

These are the adjectival forms of numeral adverbs.

  • duplus, -a, -um, twice as large
  • triplus, -a, -um thrice as large
  • quadruplus, -a, -um, four times as large
  • decemplus, -a, -um, ten times as large
  • centiplus, -a, -um, 100 times as large

Temporal Adjectives

  • bīmus, -a, -um, two-years old
  • trīmus, -a, -um, three-years old
  • biennis, -is, lasting two years
  • triennis, -is, lasting three years
  • bimēstris, -is, occurring every (or lasting) two months
  • trimēstris, -is, occurring every (or lasting) three months

Partitive Adjectives

  • bīnārius, -a, -um, two-parted
  • ternārius, -a, -um, three-parted

Other Numeral Adjectives

  • prīmārius, -a, -um, of the first rank
  • bīnārius, -a, -um, of the second rank
  • (note, these are the partitives, but with a distinct meaning)

Temporal Numeral Nouns

  • biduum, -ī, two days
  • triduum, -ī, three days
  • biennium, -ī, two years
  • triennium, -ī, three years

Other Numeral Nouns

  • ūniō, -ōnis, unity
  • bīniō, -ōnis, a pair (often of dice)