Uses of Ultrā

Uses of Ultrā

Origin of Ultrā

originally an ablative singular of the adjective ulter, beyond

Summary of Use

Ultrā takes an accusative; it may be translate it beyond, on the other side

Basic Uses


  • They live on this side of the Po and beyond: cis Padum ultrāque vīvant.


  • She counted more than that number: ultrā eum numerum numerāvit.
  • She dares the incredible: audet quem ultrā fidem.
  • Her ways are immoderate: modī ultrā modum sunt.

The Essential AG: 221.28

Famous Phrase: nōn plus ultrā (beyond which there is nothing)

[a superlative; e.g. the Pillars of Heracles were the nōn plus ultrā of the ancient West]